LAMY plus colored pencils metal box 24st

LAMY plus colored pencils metal box 24st

Painting and drawing with Lamy.




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The high-quality color pencil for all age groups from the school age. Its slim, triangular shape ensures a pleasant painting experience. With its fine, unbreakable mine, it is the right tool for complex drawings. It is therefore suitable for all children, adolescents and adults who want to draw with a high quality product.

- Thick lead Ø 4 mm

- Ergonomic triangular shape

- Matte finish for a secure grip

- Particularly break-resistant

- High-quality cedar wood

- Economical in consumption due to highest color brilliance, color depth and particularly high opacity

- Waterproof

Product no .: 1222010

Size: 13 x 240 x 188 mm

Weight: 396 g