Pico Chrome Matt Kulpenna
Pico Chrome Matt Kulpenna
Pico Chrome Matt Kulpenna
Pico Chrome Matt Kulpenna

Pico Chrome Matt Kulpenna

LAMY pico – Surprisingly practical.





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En innovativ metallpenna med en sofistikerad tryckmekanism: kort när du har den i fickan - lång när du skriver med den. Tryckmekanismen är extremt mjuk och oerhört smidig. Design: Franco Clivo Påfyllningsbar med refill Lamy M 22. Levereras med svart patron.

Small and handy, the LAMY pico first shows its full potential when expanded. An innovative pocket pen which transforms to a full-grown ballpoint pen thanks to its sophisticated push mechanism.

Designer: Franco Clivio

Nice and small when lying on the table, the LAMY pico only shows what it can do when slight pressure is applied: An innovative pocket pen which has a refined lift mechanism to thank for its metamorphosis from sleek pocket format to ready-touse ballpoint pen. This causes the LAMY pico to extend at the press of a finger from 9 cm to 12 cm, while at the same time extending the writing tip of the amazingly high-performance compact refill. Another press of the finger andthe LAMY pico makes itself smallagain, and the writing tip retracts into the body. Like a cigarette lighter or lipstick, you can simply put this small wonder of flexibility in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. Because it is a sure thing that you do not just have good ideas which you would like to note down while you are at your desk.

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