LAMY Tipo Flame Rollerball

LAMY Tipo Flame Rollerball

Clipsafe and fast.




i lager

85 kr

inkl. moms


This capless rollerball writes fluently and precisely. And thanks to the integrated clip / pusher mechanism, which enables extremely fast switching, it is immediately ready for writing.

With its ink mine, the LAMY tipo writes as fluidly and precisely as one is used to from Lamy. And he is ready to write immediately. Because it has no cap, but instead an integrated clip / pusher mechanism that allows extremely fast switching: If the ink is extended by depressing the clip, at the same time locks the lower end of the clip in a small recess on the shaft, wherein the Clip loses its function of plugging into the (jacket) pocket. A short push on the top of the clip brings the clip back to its original position and the lead tip disappears into the device. Now the LAMY tipo on the spring-loaded clip can also easily be put back into the (jacket) bag.